Saturday, June 17, 2006

Better than I thought :-)

Why is it photos can look so different than what you think is real life? I didn't think this dress was as wow as I think it is in these photos. I look comfortable yet sophisticated. The occasion? Just a switch in the Friday night dinner routine: Steve & Gretchen invited us, Chick and Smitty to the A Club.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Pamper Zone on the Road

Well, I thought we didn't take very many photos on last week's California trip, but I came home with way over 100. Here are some faves:
The first full day we toured the Russian River Valley and Martinelli was the first winery we visited (so consider this a "before" shot).

One of the many rich and famous people that blow their fortunes on making wine is/was Raymond Burr, who's guilty of offering a few good varieties.
Our last night in Santa Rosa-Sonoma we had dinner at Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen. There's no corkage fee if you bring an area wine, so we carried in a Zin from Porter Creek, a favorite for both of us. I wore leather and lace; uh, E wore his, uh, new, uh, cottage rose shirt. We're still deliberating on that one.
For Italian in San Francisco, we went to a very tiny restaurant with yummy lobster ravioli. I wore my brown crinkle shirt and jeans. This would be considered an "after" shot.