Tuesday, April 25, 2006

anniversary/birthday weekend

Eddie's office was closed Friday for Kappa Weekend, so he came to Houston for a long weekend. We had lunch at Fu's then picked up Joe for an afternoon of shopping for jeans. A run to Central Market yielded (surprise!) more food than necessary, so we knocked on Fred & Betty's door to share our picnic dinner of pesto salad, cheeses, and panchetta on their patio.

Saturday Eddie treated me to new brakes and an oil change for our one-and-a-half year anniversary. While my car was in the shop, we drove to the San Jacinto Day Festival, but we didn't stay for the entire battle reenactment. That night we enjoyed a late dinner at Benjy's (I got my dose of creme brulee!) where I wore my new Cache black lace top (see below). Sunday, Joseph's birthday, was low key for him as Eddie and I had tickets to the Spring Wine Tasting at Rainbow Lodge. Food and wine was wonderful as usual, but the heat kept the crowd away. I wore my bright Krizia top (see above) and Ann Klien white pants (one of Eddie's favories).

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

a weekend of ups and downs

A weekend that was supposed to be filled with parties and fun instead was spent on the floor of the Galveston Veterinary Clinic.

I wore the Versace to Tandem Friday night. Here I am dabbing lemon juice behind my ears. Seems the bar didn't have any fruit mixers, so I made my own lemonade.

My dear sweet Winnifred was very sick this weekend. She was acting funny Friday evening, and by Saturday morning I decided to take her to the vet. An x-ray determined she had an enlarged heart, so we were sent home with medications. Instead of taking Joseph to the Grand Kids Festival, we watched Winnifred, but she only got worse. She paced and hacked all night. Sunday morning we showed up at the vet when they opened, and they immediately put her on oxygen and hooked up a catheter. Still, she wasn't improving, and as she passed out on my lap, the doctor ask if it was possible that she got into rat bait. Well, anything is possible. She tested positive for the poison, so now we were able to treat her properly. That involved shots of vitamin K and a plasma transfusion. By five o'clock, her vitals were stable and plans were made to transport her to the overnight emergency pet care center in League City where her oxygen and fluids would be monitored. So yes, I missed the Oenophiles spring dinner.

I don't think I've ever spent the night in my house without Winnifred there since I rescued her nine-and-a-half years ago. That Sunday night was lonely and very difficult, as my shadow was not at my side.

Monday morning I picked her up at 6:00 and transported her to my vet in Houston, who kept her all day for observation. Thankfully she did not have to go to another overnight care facility Monday night; instead Winnifred spent a restful night at home. Here she is Monday morning, still with the tubes in her.