Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lillian Grace!

My best friend's "baby" is one year old today! Here's a recent layout to prove that I have been scrapping. Can you believe that all these photos were taken on my iPhone, indoors, without a flash?

July flew by without a single blog post. Bad blogger! If anyone is interested, I've been doing lots of little things: painting the old scrap room, organizing the new one; gardening, which really equates to watering the dying plants; learning what I can about SEO (search engine optimization), sepecially since the release of Bing and the whole scary Microsoft/Yahoo thang; pouting that I didn't get to go to CHA but pumped that Noell & Izzy are doing such a great job capturing the show; seeing positive effects of yoga and twice-weekly muscle power; oh, and becoming one with QuickBooks and customizing reports.

School starts soon, so Joseph is trying to enjoy what's left of summer. He's in the water at every chance and earned two first place ribbons at BeachFest. Apparently, he's quite the runner. Basketball Camp was this week, and next week he's at Camp Thurman. Then it's orientation week at his new school. Uh, there goes summer!