Thursday, August 3, 2006

Last weekend of July

Here's a shot of us on our way to a Momus party (return of the green cami). Early evening in the car produces pretty good light, eh?
And believe it or not, this was the only decent shot from the party...of Shane and me. Apparently he has this thing about showing his pearlies.

So after the party Eddie and I had sushi while everyone else went to the Original for Mexican. We ran in to Bill & Sherri and Jim at the Sky Bar. When we left to meet up wtih the others, Eddie couldn't get the car to open. The key fob wasn't working, and worse, the key didn't work either! We struggled for a minute or two, wondering if we should take a cab home. Was the electrical system shut down? But why won't the key work? Then he realized he had Sherri's keys, not his own! They both have Crossfires. Eddie had his keys in his pocket, but when we left the restaurant, he grabbed Sherri's that were on bar in front of him. If anything, it made for a chuckle later the next day.