Monday, October 16, 2006

Memory Trends Highlights

I'm back from Las Vegas where I attended the 7th annual Memory Trends Conference & Expo. Since it was the fourth trade show I attended this year, I'll only point out the highlights that made this show stand out from the others. Later I'll post photo highlights!

Speakers Badge - This was the first time I attended as a Speaker and got to don the coveted blue badge! Over 58 people signed up for my seminar, "Creating the Scrapbooker for Life," and hopefully the class offered a different yet positive perspective to the retailers who attended. I captured everyone's email address and hope to continue to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Diva Craft Lounge Live! - I was on assignment for the Diva Craft Lounge! It was fun -- and challenging -- reviewing as many exhibitors as possible looking for the latest and greatest products. Wednesday's DCL show was LIVE! with the recently-name Scrapbooker of the Year, C.D. Muckosky, Jan Mollet Evans, Thena Smith, and many more. It was a whirlwind show! And I got to meet Tom, Diva Danielle's husband, who helps considerably with DCL and other behind the Diva scenes.

My wonderful hosts! - I can't tell you how wonderful it is to travel to a strange city (and Vegas is different!) and be welcomed by friendly faces. In this case it was Fiona and her husband Ed, delightful daughter Dakota, and their new puppy, Bailey! Thank you, Nottoli Family, for your hospitality! Fiona and I did a fairly good job of keeping on track with the task at hand. We only went to In and Out Burger once, visited only one scrapbooking store, and made it to sleep before one a.m. most nights! It's always a highlight to stay and spend time with fellow scrapbookers!

More later...

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