Friday, January 23, 2009


Eddie's friend, Joe Jaworski, announced his bid for mayor of Galveston, kicking off the next election cycle. Local politics is more a part of my life than when I lived in Houston. In Galveston, you actually know and socialize with the players. And the issues are more personal. Gambling. Buyouts. Education. Sometimes there are no degrees of separation.

Eddie sent me this link on Right Brain v Left Brain. Can you see the dancer? Is she spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. Does she change direction? Now, watch the image with another person, and see if they see the same thing you do at the same time. Eddie and I didn't. It's an exercise in perceptions. Very cool.

Spinning lady

Tomorrow is National Yoga Day. I'm going to Sangha to participate in a series of one hundred and eight sun salutations. All proceeds will be donated to the children's section of Rosenberg Library, which flooded (of course).

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