Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Windows in the News

Here's an example of how small an island Galveston is:

Chick has been coming to Friday Night Dinner for years and, on many occasions, told Eddie if he ever wanted to sell his house to give Chick first dibs. Chick lived on the Strand before the big Galveston downtown restoration over 20 years ago. He bought the third floor of the Magale Building built in 1870, and he grew tired of climbing the stairs. So when Eddie and I bought our home, Eddie sold his 2-bedroom bungalow to Chick.

Little did we know, while we were making wedding plans and moving into the new house and Chick was moving into Eddie's house, Eddie's brother, Kevin, was buying Chick's loft. See? Small island.

Kevin has wonderful plans for the space, but lots of demo has to happen first. He's been cleaning out the place for awhile now, and recently decided to see what was up above. The ceilings are 13 feet, but he was thinking of raising the fourth floor attic for another six feet. That's when he came across the windows: more than a hundred windows many of which are at least a century old, crafted of old growth woods no longer found.

Now we're learning that this section of the Strand was known as the hardware district, and the Magale Building was home to a sash window and door warehouse. Instead of moving out the windows years ago, it must have been easier to hole them up and build in an attic.

Stashing the sashes then has resulted in finding a historical treasure now, making for a newsworthy story. In addition to being on the front page of the local paper, the Houston ABC affiliate also did a segment on the windows.

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