Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hands-Down favorite

I'm thumbing through the August/September Memory Makers. (ACK! September?!?) Word is out that this is a phenomenal issue and that the new Memory Makers is on track to be an all-around great scrapbooking magazine.

I did my initial scan-through and immediately felt compelled to share with you my pick of the issue. Hands down his layout, "Hands-On Mom" by Linda Harrison (pg. 76), is my favorite.

Hands-on Mom by Linda HarrisonThere are so many reasons why this layout works, plus it's a PERFECT example to show beginners the basic rules of design and how they can successfully scrap that pile of photos. Do you see what I see?
  • Rule of thirds (the photos on the right axis; the title on the top axis)
  • Visual triangle (pink accents)
  • Great use of older photos (those square black and white prints have the processing date in the white border)
  • Poignant journaling - short, meaningful, heartfelt
  • Effective title - sums it up and draws the viewer to read the journaling
  • Good use of patterned paper - just one sheet of a tone-on-tone graphic
And if you look closely, you can see the repetitive use of circles inspired by the patterned paper: the hyphen of the title, the brads in the visual triangle, the rhinestones in the flower, and don't forget, the round blow-up pool in the photos.

Great job, Linda, and thank you Memory Makers for showcasing this layout.

I'll get to read in detail the entire issue, but I still see something missing -- from Memory Makers and the other consumer publications - - that could really help the scrapbooking industry. Can you guess what it is?

P.S. On a personal note (without any bearing on my decision to highlight this layout), Linda's page also is a comfort to me -- a single mother doing all I can to be a hands-on mom.

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