Friday, January 15, 2010

2009: The Year of the iPhone

I can't, in all consciousness, note 2009 without mention of the iPhone, more specifically, my iPhone, my constant companion. I can't think of a device that has changed my life as much as the iPhone. And I can't wait to see what the future technology will bring. That's the feeling a device like the iPhone can evoke. Once the light goes on illuminating the possibilities, you understand that this device can replace your computer and will be a significant tool in your daily life.

I'm almost lost without my iPhone. Just yesterday, Eddie and I went to lunch and I left my iPhone in the car to charge. In our conversation between ordering our food and getting it, we needed the iPhone no fewer than two times: to check the weather in Llano, TX for Joseph's camping trip this weekend, and to start a packing list for our upcoming ski trip.

Checking email, texting grocery lists, alarms to get to school on time, identifying a song on the radio, listening to my favorite radios shows and podcasts, finding a restaurant, tracking traffic, locating the nearest Hobby Lobby, checking flight status, looking up definitions, texting photos on the fly, reading Shakespeare, watching's all on my iPhone. And don't get me started on the social media stuff!

And I'm sure I've only touched the surface of what this device can do with the hundreds and thousands of apps launched and updated daily. The iPhone certainly has affected my life, and I like it!

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