Sunday, January 17, 2010

FND: 10.01.15

We hosted the first Friday Night Dinner of 2010 with old friends and in Mardi Gras style.

* friends * Last Friday night, after a pedicure and belly dancing birthday party with girl friends, Eddie met up with us at Club 21. Before I found my seat, I found a familiar face. Martin Benoit, Mr. Everything at Lamar University when I was there years ago, had just moved to Galveston. Friendly as always, it was easy to catch up with him quickly and share our stories of how we each made it to Galveston. That next Sunday, while at church, I turned around and there was Martin again! Our paths has crossed twice in two days. He was destined to be a FND guest! And for old times sake, we invited Wanda, who we missed at New Years.

* food * Appetizers were smoked salmon on toast points (below) served in the lounge. For dinner, Eddie made pork tenderloin in a marsala sauce with a mushroom risotto, green beans and stuffed tomatoes.

Dessert was a delicious marzipan-filled King's cake from Randall's (yes, Randall's!). And wouldn't you know it, Joseph got the piece with the baby!

Then surprise! Diana texted and wanted to come over, so she stopped by for awhile.

* fun * I think Martin really enjoyed himself :-) At one point he said that he was looking forward to a home-cooked meal, but he didn't expect the level that Eddie delivers. He was impressed. But the best memory was the look on Martin's face when Eddie presented him with a to-go container filled with another serving of pork and goodies! Martin actually was giddy!

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